Yamaha YBS-62 Baritone Saxophone




Yamaha 62 Purple Logo Baritone Saxophone

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Yamaha YBS-62 Baritone Saxophone is the preferred baritone saxophone in the industry. This Yamaha 62 Baritone has minor cosmetic blemishes but otherwise in amazing condition. The saxophone was recently setup in the Atlanta ProWinds shop. Included: various stands, variety of mouthpieces, an after market stage peg system.

Level Professional
Key of Eb
Neck Yellow Brass (annealed)
Neck Material Yellow Brass (annealed)
Body Material Yellow Brass (annealed)
Bell Yellow Brass (annealed)
Key Material Yellow Brass
Key Buttons Mother of pearl
Finish Gold baked epoxy lacquer (YBS-62); Silver (YBS-62S)
Tone Holes Drawn
Auxiliary Keys Front F; Low A; High F#
Mouthpiece Cap Yellow Brass; Gold Lacquer
Ligature Yellow Brass; Gold Lacquer
Spring Type Blue Steel Needle
Pad Type Leather and wool felt with plastic tone boosters
Bell Decoration Hand Engraved
Thumb Hook Adjustable plastic
Pivot Screw Straight-tapered with head and nylon lock (adjustable)
Mounting Ribbed and flanged

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 24 × 8 in


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