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The new Eastman 52nd Street is manufactured with the modern professional saxophonist in mind.  They feature an un-lacquered finish with rolled tone holes. The un-lacquered format gives the sax a fantastic vintage look and sound. These tenors have an ultra sturdy body construction with hand hammered bell, blue steel springs, hand engraved neck and bell, leather pads and nylon resonators. The 52nd Street is a very impressive free blowing player. Its un-lacquered body allows the horn to respond with a free and open resonance. The warm sonic color is very flexible and can be played with a ton of projection and power.
The newest version of the 52nd Street features a slight re-vamp on the key work. Its new ergonomics show off a more compact look and feel. Specifically regarding the shaping of the table keys as well as the re-shaping of the high F# key. The adjustable palm key system has been removed as well as the marching band lyre mount and the double arms on the bell keys. The larger low C# key guard has also been re-placed with more minimalistic guard with a reminiscent look of the Selmer Balanced Action. The result of the changes is an improved key feel with smooth response under the fingers.

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